Gary Sappier

The latest from the blues band sees Sappier surrounded by a big group of funky players, with lots of sax, keys, solid lead guitar from Smokin’ Tom Moulton, and a little harp from guest Lonesome Jim Lawrence. Sappier doesn’t stick to one style, putting the band through its paces. A pair of cuts, Fripp Jazz and Fripp Blues, explore those two sides, the former a smooth love song with sax, and the latter nasty stuff right out of the tavern. Tobique Blues fits into the Matt Minglewood-East Coast Blues school, a snapshot of home, warts and all: “We’re living on love in a broken down house/Oh baby, I got the Tobique Blues.” You Are My Lady is a sweetly-sung ballad, and Awe Funk! showcases the popping bass of Byron Simon.